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                                     PHOTOGRAPHY  JACK SHELTON

Producing a timeless interior; balancing contemporary style and functionality, whilst addressing heritage was the challenge.

Our clients restore period buildings and were drawn to traditional style over contemporary whilst understanding the pitfalls of ‘replication’ and the requisites of

modern domestic life.


Budget and expectations were modest and the clients worked in collaboration with us to develop a design attaining an informal atmosphere, great function and maximising space from a limited floor plate.  A cohesive palette was applied, featuring warm grey colour to express joinery elements, paneling in the bathroom and master bed, and the outdoor storage visible from the kitchen.

The balance of the palette is kept clean and monotone with brass for accent and touches of timber and stone, with dark framing on glazing overlooking a flagged courtyard complete with outdoor shower. 

Traditional elements: butlers sink, paneled joinery and feature walls, kitchen workbench as island, sit comfortably with contemporary light fittings, selected for their tactile, ceramic finishes and timelessness. Ceramic finishes are further incorporated throughout with porcelain wall hooks, which conceal doors and double as handles in joinery elements and to mask the entrance to the laundry/powder room.


Limited floorspace demanded restraint with decoration.

Dining furniture is lightweight to prevent overcrowding in the narrow space. Classic bistro chairs and stools address the timelessness narrative and brass is used intermittently to brighten the palette. Large furniture items (sofa and rugs) are recessive in tone to help increase the feeling of space.  A ‘feature’ armchair sits adjacent an oak bench extending the length of the room, leading the eye, lengthening the room, concealing drawer storage and supporting dining room joinery. A low height pantry acts as room divider.

A fine balance of traditional and contemporary elements.

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